How long Cerscan indexed my commit?

Hi guys, yesterday I did a test with a 100x loop of simple data. It took about 13 seconds. The message was sent asynchronously, wait for each message to get sent and receive the response from ceramic.

I’m able to get/access the data immediately, but it seems took a while to appear on the Cerscan. If inspect the request from this page

and compare the writing time (local) and index time (I’m assuming the created_at is the index time), it took about 8 minutes, but I don’t see my data on Cerscan within that time frame, it took much longer (I think hours) to appear on Cerscan page. May I know why?

Thank you

Hey @Charleslev. Maybe you could jump in here?


Hey! Cerscan indexing system is using the Ceramic pubsub topic to discover new streams so in some cases it can take some time to discover new streams.

So you streams can be safely stored on your Ceramic node without immediately being discovered by Cerscan. This should be improved once Recon is available :slight_smile:


Thank you! Our team has another question, can you help us with this? Thanks again!

How can we tell that a commit has been made and is confirmed to have been made on chain to the data we have stored if not through Cerscan? i.e.: We need to GUARANTEE that the write has been done properly (not just to our node, but that the commitId and associated hash has in fact been received by the Ceramic anchor node and has been used in the construction of the latest merkle tree root? (ie: we know it’s not just in some queue, and an edit before the commit to the merkle tree occurs allows data to be edited undetected within the same “block” of Ceramic merkle tree root hashes?

If you load the stream on your node and check the anchor status (e.g. stream.state.anchorStatus == AnchorStatus.ANCHORED) and see that the stream is anchored, then you know was properly anchored to ethereum.