How to check if a wallet is linked to an existing DID in ceramic?

Suppose there’s a wallet of a user, and he wants to link the wallet to a DID, how do I quickly check if that wallet is not already linked to a different DID? Is it possible to do it? And what’s the fastest/most optimal way to do this?

To summarize the response from discord:
When using the 3ID DID method, Caip10Links are created by default, which can be used to tell if there is already an existing DID associated with that address. When using the newer (and recommended) did:pkh DID method with the didSession library, the DID is a direct 1-1 mapping to the blockchain account, so it’s impossible to have two different did:pkh DIDs associated to the same wallet address.

When using 3ID, if the user uses the same wallet, it will always redirect the user to the existing DID, it won’t allow the user to create a new DID when there is already an existing Caip10Link for the given wallet address