How to control usage of data by other apps

Seems like if I create a new data model, then data stored using this model can be accessed by other apps that also use this data model. How do I, as the app developer, take control of how data generated by my app can be accessed by other apps?

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So Ceramic is designed for publicly visible data. This means that your assertion is correct–the documents created from a model can be read by anyone. However, write access is restricted to the controller of the stream (or a designated controller when using object capabilities, i.e. CACAO). The idea is that apps benefit more by being able to use any user data that has been created on the network. (You do have the option to encrypt data if you’d like, for example using a JWE js-did/ at 3fa2c43b17c2e55f242a2d022e687d22862a7060 · ceramicnetwork/js-did · GitHub)