How to create Multiple Network with DID like Etherium,Bitcoin,Solana using 3ID

How to create Multiple Network with DID like Etherium, Bitcoin, Solana according 3ID

I’m not quite sure how to answer this one, @zfer @ukstv :sweat_smile:

If you haven’t yet, check out 3ID DID (CIP-79) - Ceramic Developers and 3ID DID - Ceramic Developers.

Also note that we are recommending people to move away from 3ID in favor of did-session (js-did/packages/did-session at main · ceramicnetwork/js-did · GitHub) utilizing did:pkh as their primary DID method.

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If any sample how to work it

Please share me any Sample DIDSession to connect multiple wallet

you can read docs on did-session js-did/packages/did-session at main · ceramicnetwork/js-did · GitHub

most examples show ethereum usage, solana support was just added, more docs will be out shortly for solana, but can reference code directly - js-did/authmethod.ts at main · ceramicnetwork/js-did · GitHub

other chains/networks are not yet supported

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