How to retrieve distributed stored data


Is there a way to retrieve data uploaded by a PC connected to Node A on Clay Test Net from a PC connected to Node B on Clay Test Net?

Please tell me if there is a way.


Hi @Masa - thanks for your question.

The short answer is yes - part of Ceramic’s core value proposition is composable data which includes a way for different nodes to share data in the network.

In your example, let’s say that:

  • User A writes data to Node A using Model A
  • Node B is configured to “listen” to all instances of Model A by indexing on those known model identifiers (look at line 107 in this repo).

If you had the composite Node A uses for its app, this could simply be deployed onto Node B to enable this.

In terms of reliability, I’d characterize the current state as only partially reliable when it comes to the guarantees around cross-node data replication. In theory, if your node was online from the beginning of the lifetime of the Model, was configured to index that Model from the beginning, never went down, and was well-connected to the rest of the ipfs network, then your node should get all the data created in that Model from any node. In reality, this is a pretty high bar and doesn’t account for much fault tolerance, which is why our recon spec is currently underway and designed specifically to optimize how nodes sync data with each other.

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