Identifying document controller account when querying composedb

When using the graphql interface to query composeb is it possible to identify the controller DID which is associated with every object returned as part of the “edges” array?

I am aware that you can use the “viewer” field to query for all documents created by the currently authenticated DID but is it possible to query for the generic list of documents (using the ___Index field) and then access the controller DID associated with each one?

In a world where anyone can publish data to a certain model index I imagine it will be useful to identify the DID which published each document so that groups can establish public DID’s associated with a trusted set of documents.

For reference here is my current query - ideally the node object would include a “controllerDid” field or something like that

query ($cursor: String) {
  tirlLabelIndex(first: 100, after: $cursor) {
    edges {
      node {
    pageInfo {
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