Important: Ceramic testnets are being migrated

Ropsten and Rinkeby are the Ethereum testnets which are currently being used for testnet-clay and dev-unstable respectively. These Ethereum testnets are being deprecated. The Ceramic core team is working on handling this as smoothly as possible and as a result testnet-clay is migrating from Ropsten to Gnosis chain while dev-unstable is migrating from Rinkeby to Görli. We will share another update with you once the migration is completed.

What does this mean to you?

If you were prototyping your application on testnet-clay or dev-unstable, all data created prior to the update will be lost.

What steps should you take?

Ahead of the migration, we recommend you update your node to the latest version. After the Ceramic core team runs the migration, you will be required to restart your node to continue testing on testnet-clay or dev-unstable.

If you want to keep the data created previously you can manually make a copy and store it outside of Ceramic.

:bulb: Note: you should always use testnet for the initial stages of your development - prototyping, and testing. You can learn more about it here.

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@Justina, should we cross-post this to the “Annoucements & Rules” topic do you think?

Did this migration happen? And if so where are the details like how to access testnets Ethereum addresses to see anchor commits for Gnosis and Goerli

The docs here have old information: Community CAS - Ceramic Developers