Mainnet nodes: how many, how to connect

  1. How can I check how many nodes are running in mainnet
  2. Can I connect a local node to mainnet (docs say I can’t, but maybe that changed)
  3. Are there any urls of hosted nodes to be able to connect to from a local ceramic client?
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  1. I believe there are currently around 35 nodes on mainnet - we have a chart we maintain tracking this that you can see here: Grafana

  2. This guide will walk you through how to run a production-ready Ceramic node connected to the mainnet network: Running in the Cloud - Ceramic Developers. Note that for development purposes while building out your app we strongly recommend building on the Clay Testnet and only moving to mainnet once your app and data models have solidified.

  3. There are no publicly available Ceramic nodes to use for accessing mainnet, you need to run your own node (or pay a node-as-a-service provider to run a node for you).

Hey we ( will have hosted node in future :grin: