Mainnet support

The documentation states:

  • (glaze) cli cannot be used with mainnet. is that a temporary or permanent constraint?
  • ceramic nodes only anchor twice a day to mainnet. is that a shaort - or long-term strategy?


The docs here are likely out of date. I’m not aware of any reason that the Glaze CLI can’t be used with mainnet.

As for anchoring, that’s also out of date. On mainnet today we anchor every 30 minutes. That is however subject to change in the future based on network utilization, cost, etc. Over time we plan to replace our centralized anchoring service with a fully decentralized anchoring system, which should eventually speed up the time from update publication to anchor quite a bit.

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good to know. thanks.
reference in docs to anchoring: docs/ at d91a2d6ef303e105f5a11298a0e132e31586b31c · ceramicnetwork/docs · GitHub
to cli not with mainnet:
docs/ at 22ef73ba539d01cce9292e1a88c2af5e8e2df454 · ceramicnetwork/docs · GitHub

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