Migration/deployment tool

Is there any recommendations for migration/deployment tools so we don’t have to rely on CLI or our own scripts?

It would be nice if it could handle migrations deterministically with autoloading of a model when creating relations so we don’t have to put relations into separate GraphQL definition files.


would love to know this too, following

Could you elaborate a bit more on this? We are working on model deployment and lifecycle management tools. Ceramic Data Explorer

Currently in alpha

@0xEE3CA4dd4CeB341691 that looks great but not entirely what I’m looking for.

I was thinking a tool that automatically resolved & injected IDs when I have to @loadModel for a relation. So I can keep both model definitions and relation in the same file and don’t have to split them given the IDs sequential nature.

This is definitely something we could look into! Could elaborate the exact pain point & hassle with maybe a screenshot?

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currently you could do read and mutation query with our playground if you click a model

would love to find out the exact interaction you expected for @loadModal

I would like to avoid having to first deploy the Post separately to obtain the stream ID.

# Load post model (using streamID)

type Post @loadModel(id: "kjzl6hvfrbw6c99mdfpjx1z3fue7sesgua6gsl1vu97229lq56344zu9bawnf96"){
    id: ID!

# New comment model
# Set relationship to original post
# Enable querying comment to get original post

type Comment @createModel(accountRelation: LIST, description: "A comment on a Post") {
  postID: StreamID! @documentReference(model: "Post")
  post: Post! @relationDocument(property: "postID")
  text: String! @string(maxLength: 500)
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This is something our composedb tooling should be able to handle. @avi for the feature request. CC @paul


Great :raised_hands:

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