Missing manual insert in composedb cli tutorial?


I am referring to this document: Your first composite | ComposeDB on Ceramic

Shouldn’t we manually insert the composite id to the daemon.config and restart? In order for it to start indexing? I think that part is missing now. I somehow recalled it from the previous tutorial.

Best wishes, Joera

P.S. Will this change in a future version?

Hi, this used to be needed in version 0.2 of ComposeDB (see Your first composite | ComposeDB on Ceramic) but since version 0.3 it is no longer necessary to configure indexing ofr each model. Instead, an admin DID must be configured on the Ceramic node (see Ceramic configuration | ComposeDB on Ceramic) and used to deploy composites of models that need to be indexed.

Thanks Paul, i indeed had a @2 on my laptop and @3 on the server, as well as the erroneous expectation that i could get some confirmation from the config file or the logs.

I do think that the old log on the ceramic node confirming the indexing of xxx was helpful. At least to me.