Model Definition and Metadata Curation

@AaronDGoldman has mentioned a good point about model metadata that currently there is no easy to signal metadata about a model without polluting the actual model definition. (eg. is this model okay to be used in production)

In addition, it would be helpful to have model documentation about how a model is expected to be used.(eg. in a data model for professional networking, you should not post meme photos too much)

CIP is only for core protocol related specs.
For application level protocol definition (ERC-20 equivalent), is this something people should implement in US3R SCAN or should we stick to GitHub - ceramicstudio/datamodels: A collection of data models used by Ceramic applications @jthor

You can create a CIP and use the RFC category:


The ceramicstudio/datamodels repo is outdated, it’s only for IDX data models.

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