Model manager clarification

Working on understanding the model manager in the Glaze package. My app creates a ceramic client and makes a new manager instance for it when it first loads. I add a bunch of definitions/schemas to it. I then deploy it. At this point, is that manager with all those definitions, etc… now associated with that ceramic client (based on the seed it’s built with). In other words, can I somehow retrieve the deployed model and then use the aliases?

I’m aware I can write to a json file to export/import, but I haven’t figured out how to retrieve an existing model that’s been deployed (without knowing specific stream references). Maybe I’m not clear on what the manager.deploy is actually doing?

The deploy() method returns mapping of deployed streams aliases to stream IDs/URLs, then it’s up to you to store these aliases as needed. You can see how it’s done with this example app, where the aliases are written to a runtime file used by the clients: js-glaze/deploy-model.mjs at main · ceramicstudio/js-glaze · GitHub