Multiple structure instances of a single model

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I’m not sure that I understand ceramic concept well, so please help me out.

Is it possible to have many structure instances for a particular model? For instance, I have a model which holds human body temperature. Am I able to create a new record every time I measure a body temperature? It can be one record per hour or one record per month, the frequency is undetermined.

If it’s possible then please show me the direction or perhaps there is any documentation relevant to my question?

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Yes it’s possible to create many documents of a given model for an account, by setting the accountRelation to LIST when creating the model, cf Supported directives | ComposeDB on Ceramic

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Thank you Paul.

Is there any repository example showing implementation of the List directive?

Is there some limitations on amount of items which list can hold? Documentation mentioned it’s potentially infinit, isn’t it?

Yes you can have a look at this example used for internal testing in the ComposeDB repository: js-composedb/schema.graphql at c7b1aef9db3e733da02fa7b4989bf3b59123ee4b · ceramicstudio/js-composedb · GitHub

Regarding limitations it’s going to depend on your underlying infrastructure, the Ceramic indexing service uses PostgreSQL so it should be the main factor to consider for scaling the number of documents in the index.