Need clarification on cloud/DigitalOcean running

I was following the documentation and a YouTube video. I had few question regarding cloud running.

  1. First one being how would get I custom models to indexed by DigitalOceans Kubernets Cluster: On to the documentation its written as composedb composite:from-model kjzl6hvfrbw6c5ajfmes842lu09vjxu5956e3xq0xk12gp2jcf9s90cagt2god9 --output=my-first-composite-single.json I have a merged composite (json format) which I have been working on how would I get that on cloud?

  2. If I get DigitalOcean up and running. Would I be able to connect to it from the ceramic client like
    new CeramicClient(""). This IP address I took from documentation

Please help :pray:

Hello! Happy to help however I can:

  1. I’m actually working on a project that automates compiling custom models for another project that might help answer your first question (please note that the actual models and use-case will differ from your use-case, but this should show you how to do exactly what you’re trying to do as a proof-of-concept): GitHub - mzkrasner/ceramic-delegate-profiles → you can see how I set this up in run.mjs given the custom models in the composites directory

  2. When you follow the running in cloud guide there’s a section that allows you to bind port forwarding to your local port, so you should be able to use both the IP digital ocean gives you, and your local forwarded port. In my script, I also set up a graphql server so you can run graphql queries to your cloud endpoint

Ok, I got some clue. Specially when I saw your composites. I was loading the models manually. You have used

type GenDelegateProfile @loadModel(id: "$GENERALDELEGATEPROFILE_ID") {
  id: ID!

I will try to implement it into my project and will buy DigitalOcean Kubernetes Cluster. Basically I want to make a react app. Here is my repo. GitHub - ashu26jha/courseselling for HackFS. Hopefully it gets live before the deadline🙏. Btw can you suggest me how much kuberenetes/docker to have a better go to be able to deploy this?

Got this error when made a query from graphiql…
Also I had to run ceramic daemon to run npm run dev otherwise I got error

@mzk Got this error when not running ceramic daemon

I believe this issue got addressed by @mzk in discord (Discord) - can you confirm that you’re all set now?

Yes!! Project is finally live… Thanks a lot guys!!

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