Node error - connecting to CAS - internal server error

Currently getting logs on our node stating:

ERROR: Error: Error connecting to CAS while polling for anchor kjzl6cwe1jw149oysc1c…at commit bagcqcerasy3fq3zepl7k62nkiui72cunthjt4r47zkeha4gveni6urnmfjma: HTTP request to '… failed with status ‘Internal Server Error’: {“message”: “Internal server error”}

Thank you for the report Aaron! We had a bug deployed to the CAS. We’ve reverted the code and things look stable from our end. Can you confirm if the errors are gone for you now?

Yep, all looks good. Thanks.

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Great, sorry about that! The good news is that the error should have been harmless, it only affected very old streams and shouldn’t change anything about their state.