Node for composeDb

Hi, we’re soon for our showcase for ethOnline and since we’re deploying to vercel I would like to know if there’s a chance that composeDb is still working. As far as I understand you need to run a local node to make it work for indexing.
Is there any solution for this nowadays?

Type error: Type '"single"' is not assignable to type 'ModelAccountRelation'.
  1 | // This is an auto-generated file, do not edit manually
  2 | import type { RuntimeCompositeDefinition } from '@composedb/types'
    |                                                                                                                                                    ^
error Command failed with exit code 1.

Also I’m getting this error from __generated__/definition.ts that of course I haven’t edited manually

@julianPerassi, mind making sure you’re on the latest package versions? If possible, please delete your .lock file and do a re-install with updated versions.

Hi, ComposeDB v0.2 only works with the following versions of Ceramic packages:

 - @ceramicnetwork/3id-did-resolver@2.1.7
 - @ceramicnetwork/blockchain-utils-linking@2.0.11
 - @ceramicnetwork/blockchain-utils-validation@2.0.12
 - @ceramicnetwork/cli@2.6.1
 - @ceramicnetwork/common@2.6.0
 - @ceramicnetwork/core@2.9.0
 - @ceramicnetwork/http-client@2.3.4
 - @ceramicnetwork/ipfs-daemon@2.1.4
 - @ceramicnetwork/ipfs-topology@2.2.0
 - key-did-resolver@2.1.1
 - @ceramicnetwork/logger@2.0.8
 - @ceramicnetwork/metrics@0.0.5
 - @ceramicnetwork/pinning-aggregation@2.0.12
 - @ceramicnetwork/pinning-crust-backend@2.0.12
 - @ceramicnetwork/pinning-ipfs-backend@2.0.12
 - @ceramicnetwork/pinning-powergate-backend@2.0.12
 - pkh-did-resolver@1.0.8
 - @ceramicnetwork/stream-caip10-link-handler@2.1.4
 - @ceramicnetwork/stream-caip10-link@2.2.3
 - @ceramicnetwork/stream-model-handler@0.5.0
 - @ceramicnetwork/stream-model-instance-handler@0.6.0
 - @ceramicnetwork/stream-model-instance@0.4.1
 - @ceramicnetwork/stream-model@0.5.0
 - @ceramicnetwork/stream-tile-handler@2.2.7
 - @ceramicnetwork/stream-tile@2.4.3
 - @ceramicnetwork/streamid@2.3.3

If you use more recent versions, you’ll have to wait until the next versions of ComposeDB packages are released.