Potential Security Breach - Lost Crypto

Dear Ceramic Community,

I come to you with a heavy heart and an urgent warning. Recently, I fell victim to a theft that resulted in a significant loss of my cryptocurrency. The incident transpired shortly after my interaction on the Ceramic Discord server.

A message was posted in the main channel of the Ceramic server, promising an airdrop. Given my trust in the server and its admins, I proceeded to click on the link. Tragically, 400 Dai was taken from my wallet. For reference, you can view the transaction details here:

I am sharing this for a few vital reasons:

  1. User Awareness: I urge all users to be exceedingly cautious with their interactions on Discord, even if messages appear to be from trusted sources.
  2. Administrator Action: I request the server admins to address and rectify this issue promptly. This unfortunate incident has severely affected my morale, and I hope that others do not endure a similar ordeal.

Hi Serge,

Thanks for your post. The team is working hard to regain control of our server and limit the impact of this hack. We’re very sorry that they’ve been able to reach our community and that we’ve lost some trust.

While working hard to fix the situation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at team@3box.io, and we’ll do our best to support you through this.