Problem on creating a stream


I had a trouble running a command on CLI with glaze, it’s the Create a Stream step (4) with glaze, in the CLI guide. For now, any input I pass to tile creation, strangely, I am receiving

SyntaxError: Non-base16 character with the example command in the guide pasted.

here’s that error :

$ glaze tile:create --key MY_KEY --content '{"stageName":"streamerd"}'
  SyntaxError: Non-base16 character

just checked there was another question, getting the same error while creating a schema. Well I am not at that phase yet.

And wondering if there’s been an update and my CLI version also needs an update.
got this setup.
@glazed/cli/0.2.2 darwin-x64 node-v16.14.0

Have a nice time,
here’s the guide I was following.

FYI @paul, can you take a look please?

The key provided with the --key flag must be a base16-encoded private key, the error means the value you’re providing is not base16-encoded.