Proposal - Ceramic Crowdin & Crew3 : community based translations and adoption by gamification

Grant Project : Ceramic Crowdin + Ceramic Crew3

Proposer’s contact info :

Grant Category: Community/Education for both

ELI5 Project Summary:

Crowdin : Translate all content about Ceramic with and for the community in all languages, and keeping track of their contributions for potential incentives.
Crew3 : Advertizing Ceramic ecosystem and technologic stack to gain adoption through a gamification of adhesion (socials, forum, knowledge of the Ceramic’s value proposition.

Project Description:

These two propositions, whereas not fundamentally technical, are aiming at giving better visibility for the Ceramic Ecosystem and are typically the projects i believe are cut for the Ceramic Sculptor Grant.

Crowdin is giving power to the community, creating commitment, providing content that will penetrate more populations (how can you better explain something to someone than in his language ?) and educating at the same time.

Crew3 is a way to create traction about a project, with quests allowing the community to gain some exp about the project, climbing a leaderboard and gaining some sweet rewards (discord title, possibility of diverse incentives and airdrop) depending on the value and commitment they provide to Ceramic. It was proven by recent projects like Sui and Starknet that this solution creates dynamic growth on socials and creates content for the project with little upkeep from the team.

Relevant links:
Crowdin (waiting for Avi respond for me to start the translations and launch the community communication) : Ceramic translations in Crowdin
Crew 3 : CREW³ | The #1 operating system for web3 communities

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Previous projects the team has meaningfully contributed to : Celestia - Crowdin

Comparable projects or peers:
Celestia, Sui, Starknet

Ceramic Ecosystem Value Proposition

- What is the problem statement this proposal hopes to solve for the Ceramic ecosystem? While the Ceramic technologic stack is one of the most elegant and innovative of these last years, i believe that there is still value to be gained in the marketing and onboarding side.

- How does your proposal offer a value proposition solving the above problem? Both projects are simple ways for the team to gain more visibility with solutions that have already delivered results for some big projects like Starknet (and the satellite projects powered by it) and Sui for example. Crowdin is adding a simple way to get translations of Ceramic content, in many languages, with little cost and can create a healthy win-win trade with the community.

- Why will this solution be a source of growth for the Ceramic ecosystem? Crew3 is especially useful to gain traction on socials and permits to create “raids” to support or advertize all projects of the Ceramic Ecosystem. These can create some advertisments revenue or just give visibility to some content or project the Ceramic team wants to highlight.

Crowdin is mainly to educate and make the community participate to the Ceramic ecosystem, but permits some developers or potential future contributor to the project to get interested and understand better the value proposition of the project, without the language barrier.

Funding requested (DAI/USDC): [$5,500 for the project beginning (miltestones 1&2) + $4,000 bounty rewards depending on the value created for Ceramic (milestone 3), based on social metrics created by Crew3 and content provided by Crowdin]
How much are you applying for? Make sure to break the amount requested down by milestones


Milestone #1: Creation of the platforms and of the starting content (20h) - [$2,000]

Milestone #2: Ramp up of the content creation (40h) - [$3,500]

  • [Crowdin : translation in French of the main content available on Ceramic 07.12.2022 (notion articles, composeDB etc + animation of the community, creation of languages translation groups] - [30 Hours @ 87.50 $/ Hr]
  • [Crew3 : 20 quests and animation of the community through Discord and other media] - [10 Hours @ 87.50 $/ Hr]

Milestone #3: Upkeep of the platforms (depending on the ecosystem growth and partnerships) (to be determined hours - bounty depending on social results) - [$4,000]

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the 3Box Labs to receive this grant: Yes


Hi @Mathias, thank you for your proposal! We will be in touch with an update once we have completed our initial review (1-2 weeks).

One small favor, I noticed we didn’t receive an affirmation that you accept the grants program terms & conditions. Could you please affirm that you accept the terms?

Hi @0x_Sam, i’m sorry i didn’t see it in the initial template, weird as I copied it, sorry for the inconveniance.

After reading it, the only question I have is : as i already started to produce websites using the Company name (in the titles only, “Ceramic Crew3” and “Ceramic Crowdin”) do you guys allow me to use Ceramic on these titles ?

I accept the 3Box Labs Grants terms and conditions: Yes