Proposal - DoxDom - The Social Wallet

Grant/Project Name: DoxDom
(We are in the process of rebranding the app as Frens instead of Doxdom, which we will roll out after going live with the first milestone)

Proposer’s contact info :
Anas Bouzafour :
Adrien Cohen Olivar :

Grant Category: Apps

ELI5 Project Summary:
Our app links all your social accounts to your wallet, and allows you to say GM to both your Web3 and non Web3 friends.
It will also allow you to send and receive payments in Crypto using your unique username only (The Venmo of Crypto).

Project Description:

The grant is to develop a social mobile wallet, that will later become the Venmo of crypto.

The alpha will be a simple app to say GM to ALL your friends. A consumer product, a fun and entertainment based GTM strategy that targets also non web3 users.

It will be built on top of the Ceramic network, allowing users to link all their Web2 social accounts to a blockchain wallet, therefore owning a decentralized digital identity that aggregates their on-chain and off-chain digital stamp.

When first starting the app, you will be prompted to choose between being a “Degen” (minimum experience in web3 and owning at least a blockchain wallet), or a “Noob” (Not into web3, not owning a blockchain wallet).

Degens will be able to connect with their wallets and this account will be used to create their did-session.

Noobs will be able to connect with one of their social accounts, or just their phone number, an ethereum account will be created in the backend for them and will be used to create their did-session.

All users will have a unique username as identifiers.
You will be able to know who from your friends list is a Degen, and who is a noob.
You will be able to send a GM to your friends once a day in an interactive way.

When Noobs become curious about becoming Degens, they will already have an ethereum account ready for them to use, and they will follow certain steps in order to become Degens (Fun and interactive way to on-board them into Web3).

The final product will add to this the functionality to send and receive crypto payments with your unique username only (Venmo for Crypto).
Knowing that unique username is linked to some or all of your other social accounts, sending and receiving crypto will become as easy as saying hi to your friend on messenger or Whatsapp.

Relevant links:

  • Medium articles :

Presentation: DoxDom : A decentralized social messaging platform.

Ceramic and why we are using it : Ceramic Network : The gateway for Social Apps to Web3 ?

Presenting the GM contest and How to create your Dox profile : The GM Contest.

Ceramic Ecosystem Value Proposition:

- What is the problem statement this proposal hopes to solve for the Ceramic ecosystem?

How to make Ceramic network the Data Network of the Dataverse, and make it mass adopted.

- How does your proposal offer a value proposition solving the above problem?

Ceramic network is our key to onboard non-web3 users into web3. The end goal is that, when the concept of Dataverse becomes mass adopted, Ceramic will naturally be the pioneer Data Network in it, and we will play a big role in that, since a lot of non web3 users that have been onboarded through our app will already be using Ceramic as the main data network for their social graph.

- Why will this solution be a source of growth for the Ceramic ecosystem?

First, we are building a consumer product, that targets all types of users. All projects that have been built on top of Ceramic did not focus on building something fun and entertaining, and at the same time user friendly, to attract users from different categories.

Also, the fact that we will be integrating a non-custodial wallet and building a crypto payment solution on top of the ceramic network will make the Ceramic ecosystem grow considerably. The NeoBank of the Dataverse, built on top of Ceramic, the Data network of the Dataverse.

Funding requested (DAI/USDC): $50,000


  • Milestone #1: Development of the iOS app (6-7 weeks) - [$30,000]

    • [UX Design of the mobile app] - [80 Hours]
    • [Backend Development - ComposeDB Data modeling (Linking the blockchain wallet to all social accounts) and building a decentralized naming service for users that will be linked to the Ceramic Data Model] - [80 Hours]
    • [Frontend Development #1 (Client side) - React Native app to say GM to your friends in a fun and interactive way.] - [80 Hours]
    • [Frontend Development #2 (Client side) - Making the iOS Client app communicate with the Backend server that hosts the Ceramic infrastructure (The app would then become connected to the Ceramic network. In order to update or create a stream, the data would be created client side in the expected JSON format of our Data Model, and would be sent to the Backend with the did and the commit request needed to update/create streams in the Ceramic network)] - [80 Hours]
  • Milestone #2: Non-Custodial Multi-wallet integration and Allowing crypto transfers (7 weeks) - [$20,000]

    • [Automatically creating blockchain accounts for non Web3 users (Noobs) to create did-sessions for them and therefore allowing them to build their decentralized digital identity] - [80 Hours]
    • [Implementing the Crypto Payment mechanism using the unique username (Development of the Venmo of Crypto)] - [80 Hours]
    • [Rolling out the Crypto Payment functionality and slowly pushing it as our main product] - [120 Hours]

I accept the 3Box Labs Grants terms and conditions: Yes
I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the 3Box Labs to receive this grant: Yes


Hi @anasb, thank you for your proposal! We will be in touch with an update once we have completed our initial review (1-2 weeks).

Hello @0x_Sam, could you please append this new figma board to the list of useful links. We just finalized the new UX/UI design of the GM app.

We will now start coding the frontend.

Thanks !

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Hi @anasb, thank you for your thoughtful grant proposal.

The team has reviewed your proposal and we are excited to award you a Ceramic Sculptors Grant :tada:

We will follow up shortly with more details via email.

Just wanted to add that this project looks great! Very curious on your developments, and looking forward to learn more about the architecture you have in mind. In particular, how you are thinking on address “instant” messages UX on top of Ceramic, and the fact that Ceramic provides no privacy OOB (the last one likely to be overcomed w/Lit Protocol).

Have worked in similar projects in the past, so if you feel like you want further information or need someone to ping-pong a few ideas, feel free to reach out.