Proposal for Integrating Ceramic with Langmeier Backup for Enhanced Web3 Data Security

[Hello Ceramic Community,

I’m George from Langmeier Software GmbH. We specialize in advanced backup solutions based on #Windows and are exploring innovative ways to integrate Web3 technologies to enhance data security and integrity. Given Ceramic’s capabilities in decentralized data management, we see a significant opportunity to combine our efforts.

Why Ceramic?

Ceramic’s decentralized data storage provides immutability and transparency, making it an excellent match for backup solutions that require both. By storing backup metadata on Ceramic, we can achieve verifiable backups that enhance trust and security for our users.

Proposal Details:

  • Integration Scope: Utilizing Ceramic to store and manage hashes of backup data, ensuring that data integrity is maintained and can be publicly verified without exposing the actual data.
  • Technical Considerations: Exploring the best practices for integrating Ceramic’s decentralized IDs (DIDs) to manage identities associated with backup data, ensuring that only authorized users can access or restore backups.
  • Security Enhancements: Leveraging Ceramic’s access control capabilities to manage permissions around who can write or read the backup metadata.

Community Input Needed:

  1. Best Practices: What are the best practices for integrating Ceramic with data-heavy applications like backups?
  2. Performance Optimization: How can we optimize performance when interacting with Ceramic given the potentially large volume of backup operations?
  3. Security Concerns: Are there specific security concerns we should consider when integrating decentralized storage solutions for sensitive backup data?

Anticipated Challenges and Questions:

  • How do we handle the synchronization between the traditional backup infrastructure and Ceramic’s decentralized network?
  • What mechanisms can be implemented to ensure the rapid retrieval and restoration of data in emergency scenarios?
  • How can we maintain user-friendliness for non-technical users who may not be familiar with Web3 technologies?

We believe that this integration can pioneer a new standard for backup solutions in the digital age, where data security and privacy are increasingly critical. We invite all community members to discuss this proposal and help refine our approach.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your insightful feedback and hope we can collaborate to bring this vision to life!

Best regards,


Hello @GeorgeLS. Thank you for sharing this! I’d love to learn more about your use case.
It would be useful to better understand the volume of data you have in mind for this application. Do you have some insight on how big the backups usually are?

Another thing that would be important to keep in mind is that the data written on Ceramic is public, meaning that it’s accessible to read for other user interacting with the network. We see some developers using encryption protocols and tools (e.g. Lit) to encrypt sensitive data. Is it something that would be of a concern for your implementation?

Hello @Justina ,

Thank you for your interest in our proposal! I’d be happy to provide more details.

Data Volume

Our typical backup size per user ranges from 80 GB to 350 GB, with some users needing up to 2 TB. We want to ensure our solution can handle various data volumes efficiently.

Data Encryption

The public nature of data on Ceramic is definitely a concern. We plan to use robust encryption protocols to protect sensitive data. Tools like Lit for encryption seem like a great fit to ensure that only authorized users can access or restore their backups securely.

A Couple of Questions

  1. Encryption Best Practices: Do you have any best practices or examples of how other developers have successfully implemented encryption with Ceramic? This would help us design a more secure system for our users.
  2. Performance Optimization: Are there any specific configurations or strategies you recommend for optimizing Ceramic’s performance, especially when handling large data volumes? We want to ensure our backup operations are smooth and efficient.

We believe that with Ceramic’s capabilities and the support of this community, we can set a new standard in data security and backup solutions. Looking forward to your insights and any suggestions you might have!

Best regards, George