Proposal - LearnWeb3 - Making learning permissionless and collaborative

Grant/Project Name: LearnWeb3

Proposer’s contact info:
Telegram: @haardikkk

Grant Category: Community/Education

ELI5 Project Summary: LearnWeb3 is on a mission to make learning permissionless and collaborative, to provide a fair playing ground for people from all backgrounds to succeed in the next internet revolution. We are requesting a grant to create high quality, accessible, educational materials around DIDs, Ceramic Network, ComposeDB, and related technologies.

Project Description:
The goal of this grant is to create and provide educational materials around Ceramic Network to a broad community of developers around the world. The web3 space, being what it is today, attracts a lot of grifters, token scams are common, and the comingling of projects with tokens creates a market where incentives for developers are not aligned with the ‘ideal’ vision for what this technology can bring to the world.

At LearnWeb3, we have worked very hard from the beginning to culminate a culture where this is not the case. Through unbiased, selective, structured learning materials we try to create the best content possible to help developers realize the potential of groundbreaking technologies being built, and give a peek into what they hold for the future, and teach these developers on how they can help shape that future themselves.

Our past work can be seen on our website at However, we are also undergoing a significant change right now - building for ‘LearnWeb3 v2’ completely from the ground up where we will introduce new formats of learning content, and new types of content. Everything from short 5-minute quick learning materials to fully fledged degrees, along with other elements.

For this project, we are specifically requesting funding to solve a few key problems for both sides of our platform - the students, and the company (3Box team)

  1. Create a structured educational path for building on Ceramic (not necessarily in this order)
    • DIDs
    • Data Models
    • Data Streams
    • Session Keys
    • Compose DB
  2. Create this content in text+video format
  3. Create introductory level non-technical content around Ceramic
  4. Create end-to-end dapps as part of the course - perhaps a simplified Notion on Ceramic?
  5. Boost KPI’s of # of developers building on testnet for Ceramic
  6. Build analytics dashboards to get feedback from the students on the material and the technology
  7. Feature Ceramic bounties on LearnWeb3 Earn and pipeline students from the course → bounties

Ideally, we’d like to become the ‘Learn’ section of the Ceramic documentation (or at least an outlink from the Ceramic Documentation) while also bringing in students from our own community.

Relevant links:

Ceramic Ecosystem Value Proposition:

- What is the problem statement this proposal hopes to solve for the Ceramic ecosystem?

  1. Offer a (better) alternative to the Ceramic docs for devs to build on Ceramic
  2. Teach students the power of composability, and build real end-to-end applications to showcase that power
  3. Boost # of devs building on testnet for Ceramic
  4. Pipeline talented devs from education → bounties and hopefully future grants programs at 3Box!

- How does your proposal offer a value proposition solving the above problem?

  1. We do all our content in-house, and have insights on what works from doing this over the last year.
  2. Haardik used to work at Ceramic, so there’s insights into the technology and it’s potential.

- Why will this solution be a source of growth for the Ceramic ecosystem?

  1. The ceramic documentation seems, for lack of a better word, messy. Even with the recent bounties that were created on LW3 Earn, students struggled to understand some concepts purely from the docs.
  2. The market awareness around Ceramic is a bit lacking - and over the years the changes that have been made are a source of confusion and ??? in student minds who don’t regularly attend meetups/ceramic events/community calls

Funding requested (DAI/USDC): [$22,500]
How much are you applying for? Make sure to break the amount requested down by milestones


  • Milestone #1: Craft short-courses (9 hours) - [$900]
    • [Intro to Ceramic] - [3 Hours @ 100$ / Hr]
    • [Intro to DIDs] - [3 Hours @ 100 $/ Hr]
    • [Intro to ComposeDB] - [3 Hours @ 100 $/ Hr]
  • Milestone #2: Craft course curriculum for Ceramic course - [$1600]
    • [Plan all the theoretical lesson topics] - [4 Hours @ 100 $/ Hr]
    • [Plan all the programming projects] - [6 Hours @ 100 $/ Hr]
    • [Plan on how to test submissions and auto-grade] - [6 Hours @ 100 $/ Hr]
  • Milestone #3: Write the course content - [$8000]
    • [Write all the theory levels] - [40 Hours @ 100$/hr]
    • [Write all the programming levels] - [40 Hours @ 100$/hr]
  • Milestone #4: Create quizzes, assignments, and auto-grading tools - [$2000]
    • [Quizzes for theory levels] - [10 Hours @ $100/hr]
    • [Tests for programming levels] - [10 Hours @ $100/hr]
  • Milestone #5: Record (and edit) the course content (Video) - [$10,000]
    • [Record and edit all the theory levels] - [40 Hours @ $100/hr]
    • [Record and edit all the programming levels] - [60 Hours @ $100/hr]

Note: - Following this, we expect there to be work around keeping courses up to date, marketing, resolving doubts, offering technical help to students, and so on. To enable a long-term partnership, we propose our sponsorship model where 3Box can sponsor developers through a per-dev-onboarded model with us. This aligns incentives long-term as we only get paid if you’re getting value from our courses and devs are actually deploying on testnet. It’s similar to hackathons - except cheaper and more accessible with quicker feedback and analytics.

‘Per-dev-onboarded’ is based on some KPI we track. Typically, devs (learning to) build apps on testnet, which will eventually translate to devs building on main net. We can track this number through our automated grading, provide you analytics tools, and run experiments with the community to see what works best. We’d like to discuss this as part of follow-on funding privately with the 3Box team.

I accept the 3Box Labs Grants terms and conditions: Yes
I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the 3Box Labs to receive this grant: Yes

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Hi @haardikkk, thank you for your proposal! We will be in touch with an update once we have completed our initial review (1-2 weeks).

Congratulations @haardikkk, I’m delighted to inform you that your grant proposal has been accepted! :tada:

We would like to award you a Ceramic Builders Grant.

We will follow up shortly with more details via email.

Thank you @0x_Sam

Apologies for the delayed update, but the team was down bad with the flu last week.

[ Update 01/17 - v0.0.1- LearnWeb3 Milestone #1 ]


Along with creating the short form content, we have internally been also working on engineering the LearnWeb3 v2 platform. While not supported directly by this grant, parts of this grant relies on features coming to LearnWeb3 as part of the version 2 update.

We have made significant progress in the terms of writing, having, and assessing short form content and student progress there.

For the content creation itself, we have content ready for the three short courses. They’re all roughly ~5 minutes each and cover the topics as mentioned above. I’ll share this with you on the Discord to get feedback.

We have also started work on crafting the course curriculum for Ceramic, currently deciding on what’s the best use case (and programming tutorial/guide) we could build using ComposeDB as part of the course.

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[Update 02/16 - LearnWeb3 Milestone #2]

The course curriculum for Ceramic has been prepared. We have been heads down focused on v2 building, and since we are no longer demoing at ETH Denver the focus on v2 has allowed us to better prepare the Ceramic course for all the upcoming features instead of trying to get it to fit with LearnWeb3 v1.


  • Intro to Ceramic
  • Intro to ComposeDB
  • Understanding DIDs

Full Length Course:

  • Introducing the Dataverse
  • Use Cases and Potential of Ceramic
  • Project #1 - Creating profiles on Ceramic (Backend)
  • Project #1 - Creating profiles on Ceramic (Frontend)
  • Digging deeper into ComposeDB
  • Project #2 - Creating a simplified Gitcoin Passport (Backend)
  • Project #2 - Creating a simplified Gitcoin Passport (Frontend)
  • Next Steps (Grants Program, hackathons, bounties, and such)

The Ceramic course will be integrated into multiple degrees (a feature coming up with LearnWeb3 v2)

  1. Ethereum Developer Degree (Project #2 will be a part)
  2. Decentralized Social Media Degree (The full course will be a part)
  3. Web3 Without Blockchains Degree (The full course will be a part)

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