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Ceramic Grant Program
Grant/Project Name: x Ceramic
Proposer’s contact info:
Grant Category: app-dev
Grant Type: Builder Grant - Builder Grant

ELI5 Project Summary:

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Ntent art collective will develop an open-source library(s) for using Ceramic technologies for art experience interactions combined with an open-source website used for user interaction interface + stream consumption example for Processing. We will use this technology for a large-scale live, generative art experience installation at ETH Denver.

Project Description:

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ntent is a collective of artists, technologists, and activists building [technology] founded to support the culture of art by empowering artists and institutions with advanced smart contract applications and cross-protocol integration use cases for art production. is a fine art technology platform that uses blockchain and decentralized technologies to lift up artists, galleries, and institutions through a collection of blockchain solutions.

We produce art experiences with curated art drops built on top of and powered by decentralized technologies, the current version of supports generated-at-mint generative art, dynamic art, and mixed media infrastructures. The platform currently holds over 1,400 digital artworks from over 50 artists.

We believe love > hate. inclusion > exclusion. diversity > boring sameness. We’re about sustainability and equal rights, & we’re cool with everyone. Based in Berlin. Creating art worldwide.

Our goal is to be able to access, store, and display art experience data in real time and use the functionalities of Ceramic & composable data to influence, manipulate, and define the final artistic output of generative and dynamic smart contract-based art in real time.

We will build an open-source library(s) to use Ceramic for art experience interactions combined with an open-source website used as an access point for participatory art experience interactions + a stream consumption example for Processing for all to access, use, and build upon. We will also demo the technology through a live art experience, taking participatory user interaction data from a large-scale immersive installation to generate the final art piece that will be created during Eth Denver and auctioned off after Eth Denver.

After this initial experience, we will continue to work with Ceramic and composable data, developing new artistic use cases for the entire art community to access and build upon in an open and decentralized way.

Relevant links:

Official Website:
Web3 Platform:
Video Scaling Solution:
Github: -
Previous projects the team has meaningfully contributed to: Moment After [3], Friends of the Artist, NFTBerlin [7], ntent’s retrospective [1].
Comparable projects or peers: Art Blocks, FXHash, Bright Moments, Expanded.Art

Ceramic Ecosystem Value Proposition:

Integrating Ceramic and the power of composable data with our collective’s technology will provide the primary live data streaming and composability layer in our application architecture. We view this as the first step in a multipart initiative to build on and within the Ceramic ecosystem. Institutional level partners and artists using [technology] will have a built-in data streaming and composability solution as they continue to contribute to building and defining this current phase of contemporary art history and the validation of decentralized technologies in art. Similarly, the technology developed openly for ntent [collective]’s live art experiences–and the opportunities for artists and institutions to build upon them–generates new use cases for the further development of unique cross-protocol partnerships with Ceramic, ntent, and the Web3 ecosystem as a whole. We want to enable such collaboration and validation with the Ceramic technology stack.

While our application network continues to grow beyond our four platform and live art experience partnerships [REDACTED] [4], NOTAGALLERY [5], MISS EXCEL [6], and FRIENDS OF THE ARTIST W. BRIGHT MOMENTS [7], we will continue to push the boundaries of what blockchain technology and art can do together. With Ceramic as a live data streaming and composability layer, we can expand to implement more cross-protocol partnerships and integrations and develop new artistic tech implementations only possible with Ceramic.

Funding requested (DAI/USDC): [$39,200]

How much are you applying for? Make sure to break the amount requested down by milestones.

Milestones: Milestone 1: Open-source Library(s) for Using Ceramic for Art Experience Interaction

Milestone #1: 30 days (4 weeks) - [$22,080] | Develop library(s) that can be used to enable art experiences with Ceramic. Includes the functionality managing creation of interaction data streams, adding data to those streams, and consuming the data in a creative coding application, likely Processing.

  • Team onboarding (4 Proj. mgr hours, 4 dev hours, 4 QA hours) (1.5 days)
  • Dev onboarding deep dive (16 dev hours) (2 days)
  • Create a project plan with the developer/QA engineer (4 Proj. mgr hours / 4 dev hours / 4 QA hours) (1.5 days)
  • Develop library (40 dev hours) (1 week)
  • Integrate library into ntent codebase (20 dev hours) (1 week)
    • powered by
  • Create unit tests alongside development ( 20 dev hours ) (2.5 days)
  • Deploy to staging environments ( 4 dev hours ) (1 day)
  • Quality Assurance (24 QA hours ) (3 days)
  • Upon passed QA, deploy to production ( 16 dev hours ) (2 day)
  • Confirm successful production deployment ( 8 QA hours ) (1 day)
  • Project Manager will hold stand up meetings and communicate with ntent team ( 12 Proj. mgr hours ) (1.5 days)
  • Buffer on bug fixing and QA (16 dev hours / 8 QA hours / 4 PM hours) (3.5 days)

140 Developer Hours x $120 / hr = $16,800

24 Project Manager Hours x $70 / hr = $1,680

48 Quality Assurance Hours x $90 / hr = $4,320

Total = $22,080

Milestones: Milestone 2: Open-source Website Used for Art Interactions + Stream Consumption Example for Processing

Milestone #2: 16 days - [$17,120] | Create a website that will leverage the library created in Milestone 1, and is used to generate interactions by participants that creates and updates streams. Also, create an example of how to use the library created in Milestone 1 to consume these streams in a creative coding application, likely Processing. Execute media + publicity strategy to publish content around the technology and partnership.

  • Create a project plan with the developer / QA (4 Proj. mgr hours / 4 dev hours / 4 QA hours) (1.5 days)
  • Develop a minimal website for art interactions (24 dev hours) (3 days)
  • Develop a simple Processing example that consumes streams from Ceramic (24 dev hours) (3 days)
  • Create unit tests alongside development (12 dev hours) (1.5 days)
  • Deploy to staging environments and begin QA (8 dev hours) (1 day)
  • Quality Assurance( 12 QA hours ) (1.5 days)
  • Upon passed QA, production assets will be migrated. (8 dev hours) (1 day)
  • Final Quality Assurance( 4 QA hours ) (0.5 day)
  • Buffer on bug fixing and QA (16 dev hours / 8 QA hours / 4 PM hours) (3.5 days)
  • Project Manager will hold stand-up meetings and communicate with ntent team ( 6 proj. mgr hours ) (0.75 day)
  • Integration Article ( 4 Planning hours, 8 Development hours, 4 QA hours) (2 days)
  • Press Release ( 2 Planning hours, 4 Development hours, 2 QA hours) (1 days)
  • Graphic Content Design (6 CD hours + 16 CP hours) (CD + CP)
  • Social Media Planning (14 PL + D Hours) (Ops)

108 Developer Hours x $120 / hr = $11,520

8 Project Manager Hours x $70 / hr = $560

28 Quality Assurance Hours x $90 / hr = $2,520

24 Content Writing Hours x $30 / hr = $720

20 Creative Director (CD) Hours x $70 / hr = $1400

16 Content Producer (CP) Hours x $25 / hr = $400

Total = $17,120

**Milestone 3: Art Experience Installation ETH Denver

We specialize in producing participatory live art experiences and want to execute the following third milestone. We also understand the cohort has a budget and that there are 25 cohort members, and we want to be sure all members have the opportunity to receive the funds they need. We have asterisked this milestone in the hope that this milestone can be supported by a ceramics sponsorship outside of the cohort as part of the Eth Denver event planning, allowing for the fair disbursement of cohort funds while facilitating an incredible use case for Ceramic technology in the arts.

Milestone #3: January - ETH Denver - [$TBD] | Lead our technology development directly into a marketing and publicity plan featuring the implementation, partnership, and execution of the live data streaming and composability layer, culminating in a live art experience featuring a large scale piece of participatory generative art created in partnership with Ceramic technologies with the final piece to be auctioned at ETH Denver. The experience will highlight Ceramic and ntent’s partnership, the technology, its value, and Ceramic’s commitment to supporting the culture of art.

Please contact for the specific details and organization of this milestone.

I accept the 3Box Labs Grants terms and conditions: [Yes/No] YES

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the 3Box Labs to receive this grant: [Yes/No] Yes


[1] ntent [Collective]

[2] [Technology]

[3]Moment After by




[7] Friends of the Artist [Creators Workspace]

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Hi @drbentonbanner.eth, thank you for your proposal! We will be in touch with an update once we have completed our initial review (1-2 weeks).

Hi @drbentonbanner.eth, thank you for your grant proposal.

The team has reviewed your proposal and we are excited to award you a Ceramic Sculptors Grant :tada:

We will follow up shortly with more details via email.