Proposal - Tingbits - A web3 gaming community platform

Project Name: Tingbits

Proposer’s contact info: Neil Yamit (

Grant Category: Community/Social

ELI5 Project Summary:
Tingbits is building a social platform for the web3 gaming community where gamers, builders, and investors can connect, share info, discuss, and review web3 games.

Project Description:

Why are we building?

Our team is based in the Philippines, which used to be known as the hub of play-to-earn games. During the rapid growth of blockchain gaming in 2021, we witnessed many people getting caught up in the hype. Some, unfortunately, fell victim to scams, while others invested in games that ended up rug-pulling. The resulting crash was even more painful to witness.

What remains of the web3 gaming community is fragmented and scattered across centralized platforms, such as Discord and Telegram. They’re also skeptical of builders, influencers, and even other members of the community.

This is where Tingbits comes in. We want to create a safer place for gamers, builders, and investors to come together and discuss, share ideas, verify information, and review web3 games.

What we’ve built so far.

  • Launched web app in February 2022.
  • Built data management tools to track and update more than 3300 blockchain games.

What we plan to work on using Ceramic Network.

  • Web3 account login and profile management
  • Community tools for gamers to review, discuss, and post web3 gaming info

Relevant links:

Ceramic Ecosystem Value Proposition:

The success of the Ceramic dataverse depends on the quantity and quality of its users, as well as the variety of data it serves.

Despite the downturn of the whole web3 gaming space, it still represents a significant number of web3 users. These are users already familiar with blockchain, how it works and how to interact with dApps. This makes it easier to onboard them to the Ceramic ecosystem.

By integrating Self.ID SDK for wallet sign-in, Tingbits will serve as an entry point for web3 gamers into Ceramic. Once they are signed in, actions such as reviews and discussions will be stored onchain. Our ultimate goal is to store and update data (name, status, wallet support, team, token, etc.) of every blockchain games on Ceramic, making it easily accessible and reusable by other applications.

Funding requested (DAI/USDC): $5470


Milestone #1: Integrate DID sign in - 27 hours @ $50/hour - $1320
Expected completion: Jan 21, 2023

  • Design - 4 hrs
  • Web3 login with Self.ID - 3 hrs
  • Account management - 4 hrs
  • Game review (ComposeDB) - 16 hrs

At the end of this milestone, Tingbits will have a working “Sign in” button,
with a user profile and profile management. It will also include a review form where
users can submit ratings and written reviews of playable blockchain games.

Milestone #2: Discussion board - 35 hours @ 50/hour - $1750
Expected completion: February 18, 2023

  • Design - 3 hrs
  • Discussion board (ComposeDB) - 32 hours

A discussion board where signed-in users can ask questions,
post news, and discuss anything web3 gaming related.

Milestone #3: Verify what games the user has played based on wallet history - 48 hours @ $50/hour - $2,400
Expected completion: February 25, 2023

  • Binance Chain - 24 hours
  • Polygon - 24 hours

This is, essentially, a ‘gamer identity record’ similar to Gitcoin passport. We’ll start with the 10 most active games deployed on BSC and Polygon, two of the most popular EVM chains for web3 games.

I accept the [3Box Labs Grants terms and conditions]: Yes
I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the 3Box Labs to receive this grant: Yes


This is a cool project. I would suggest using did-session and ComposeDB instead of the Self.ID SDK.

Seconding Joel, this is a very cool project @neil! Thank you for this proposal! We will be in touch with an update once we have completed our initial review (1-2 weeks).

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Thank you! Of course we’ll follow your suggestions :sweat_smile: and start experimenting as soon as possible.

Thanks Sam! Taking notes of your suggestions and we’ll start experimenting soon.

Congratulations @neil, I’m delighted to inform you that your grant proposal has been accepted! :tada:

We would like to award you a Ceramic Builders Grant.

We will follow up shortly with more details via email.

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Update #1

After our holiday break, this week we finally started working on our proposed Ceramic integration on Tingbits. FYI, our dev team is composed of two developers (Cristiana and AJ), one frontend dev (Ayad), a designer (Pia), data automation (Ojie), and me as founder/product lead.

Here is our progress for this week.

1. Design

We matched the schedule of the integration with the overhaul of our site’s design. Our team has created mockups that include: 1. Web3 login and 2. Game rating and review. Here are some of the screens.

2. Dev node and deep dive into ComposeDB

When we submitted our proposal, our experience with ComposeDB was limited to reading the documentation and sample implementations. To build on this, we’ve deployed our own development node ( and started experimenting with did-session, glaze, and working with data models.

3. Model design for product reviews

For the login, we’ll use the existing profile data model. However, for the review component, we are designing our own model inspired by’s structured data for product ratings. It will include review-specific fields such as:

  • rating, float, actual score of the review
  • best_rating, float, the highest score that can be given
  • worst_rating, float, the lowest score that can be given
  • did, string, did of the author or reviewer
  • context, string, will be used to store reference to any product (game, movie, etc.)
  • body, string, the content of the review
  • title, string, optional, title of the review
  • data, object, optional, Can be used to store custom data for the review

This week is a slow start, next week will be the real deal. We expect to hit our first milestones, which are:

  1. Allowing users to log in using their Metamask wallet, powered by did-session
  2. Allow gamers to review any web3 games, powered by ComposeDB

Stay tuned for our weekly update!

All the best,
Neil Yamit

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Update #2

Last week, we completed our first milestone and deployed a testnet version of the following:

  • Profile. Users can now login using their Metamask wallet. This has been developed using did-session, as recommended.
  • Rate and review. Logged-in users can now share their opinions of any web3 games on our database. This included deploying a review/rating ComposeDB data model on testnet

This significant push towards web3 social for Tingbits is a big step for us and our growing community of gamers. By facilitating open conversation on the platform, we hope to create a platform where gamers, builders, and investors can discuss web3 gaming.

We shared these updates in a blogpost and to our newsletter subscribers.

In the next two weeks, we’ll start working on our second milestone - a discussion board. This will allow users to ask web3 gaming-related questions and get feedback/answers from the community.

We’ll also start working with web3 games on Polygon to build the Gamer Credentials, which is for our Milestone #3.

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Update #3

Today, we launched the testnet version of the Discussion Board (Milestone #2). This allows logged-in users to share and discuss web3 gaming-related topics at Tingbits. This came in a few days late because we encountered some minor issues with pagination.

In the next couple of days, we’ll be asking our community to start discussion and comment on existing ones.

Meanwhile, we’ve started working what we believe is the most important feature that we’re building on top of Ceramic Network – Verified gamer credentials (Milestone #3) . We have already chosen two games on Polygon: The Sandbox and CryptoUnicorns, with more announcements soon after we finalize some details.

Despite the delays, we’re on track to hit our goals by the end of February.

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Love to see the great progress. Excited for Milestone #3


Update #4:

After two weeks of delay, we’ve finally finished deploying the testnet version for Milestone #3. It took a bit of time and coordination to get everything to work.

The tech part was challenging, but we eventually got it to work. One of the hardest was getting our own dev nodes to run properly. The node was left a few versions behind and it stopped working. We’ve had to spin a new instance.

Another task that took time was choosing the first 10 games to support. It included verifying their token and NFT contracts and notifying/discussing with the team behind the games. The last step was to find potential collaborations with the web3 gaming community and invite them to test this feature.

I’m happy to announce our list of the first 10 supported web3 games.

The Verified Gamer Credential is now available on testnet at

What’s next?

We’re working on deploying this to mainnet before the end of this month, preferably through Before that, we’ll perform further testing on testnet, in partnership with the ten supported games above.

Beyond these milestones.

We plan to expand our list of supported chains and games through collaborations with other web3 games.

An even bigger Verifiable Game Credentials will verify ownership of PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Series X|S games. We already have access to a database of more than 50 thousand games through our web2 project, We’ll leverage this data to expand the credential.


Congratulation @neil + Tingbits team. It’s so amazing to see all of your great work here. The team will review the milestone submission and will come back with any questions.

Great job!

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Looks great!
Do you have a link to the source code of you project or at least the composite being used please? Thanks!

Hi, Tingbits dev here. I can provide you with the lists of our composites.
Here’s the link.

Do you have the compiled composites available as well please? This would allow other members of the community to reuse the models.

You can find the compiled composites at this link: Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Great, thanks!

Update #5: On to Mainnet!

We’re finally deployed on the mainnet! All thanks to the help of that made the transition painless!

Our community will now start publishing reviews and starting discussions around web3 games. Of course, this is only the beginning. We’re in talks with game creators to further expand our list of supported web3 games.

This is a short update. More news are coming soon.

Hey @neil! Congratulations!! :tada: Very excited about your progress and looking forward to hearing more updates! :clap:

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