Proposal - WordSuip: Template App and Accompanying Educational Blog Posts

Grant/Project Name: Wordsuip - prs-with-zoz

Proposer’s contact info:

Grant Category: Education

ELI5 Project Summary: A sample application and accompanying blog posts for learning purposes. Utilizing a hot ecosystem tech stack to increase exposure to Ceramic.

Project Description: The sample application(mirror-like posting app) uses SUI and Ceramic within the app. This app will be used as a framework to teach the steps involved in adding these technologies as tools in an app by providing blog posts explaining the methods of integrating Ceramic and Sui.

Relevant links:

Ceramic Ecosystem Value Proposition:

  • There is not that much information available outside of ceramic documentation itself on how to utilize and integrate the Ceramic stack. The reasons are 2 fold -
  1. Ceramic is a technically complicated stack. Having a deep understanding is not always necessary depending on the audience or intention from a developer’s perspective. While there is most certainly a need to have the best of the best engineers building revolutionary applications, there is also a need to educate other developers(like me :slightly_smiling_face:) and have a diverse ecosystem. Condensing this documentation as walk-through blog posts help to show novice/intermediate developers actionable methods to quickly get started and explain these topics from a not-so-technical perspective. The background behind this initiative was from the feedback I received from previous posts that discord members found useful - [See MS 1 - retroactive tasks included in this grant].

  2. People are not aware of the amazing opportunity that exists having ceramic as a tool when building their app and how it can work complimentary with a traditional blockchain.

  • This proposal offers to help address these concerns by first drawing attention from another protocol that is hot at the moment and will continue to be as it progresses - SUI. Secondly, it will create more documentation and examples that will be available to the broader ecosystem on how to integrate Ceramic with an application.

  • It will be a source of growth for the Ceramic ecosystem by targeting an audience that attention is focused and guiding them to the Ceramic rabbit hole with easily replicable instructions for novice/intermediate developers.

Funding requested (DAI/USDC): $7500


  • Milestone #1: Retroactive Blog Posts - $1000

  • Milestone #2: Create Frame to Build Upon - $1500

    • UI Front End Mock Up - [25 Hours @ 60 $/ Hr]
  • Milestone #3: Sui Integration to Entice Active Community - $1980

    • [SUI Integration] - [25 Hours @ 60 $/ Hr]
    • [SUI Blog Post] - [8 Hours @ 60 $/ Hr]
  • Milestone #4: Ceramic Integration to Show Potential Developers - 1980

    • [Ceramic Integration] - [25 Hours @ 60 $/ Hr]
    • [Ceramic Blog Post] - [8 Hours @ 60 $/ Hr]
  • Milestone #5: Description (Time to completion) - 1040

    • [Ceramic Blog Post - Using Ceramic ComposeDB ] - [8 Hours @ 60 $/ Hr]
    • [Ceramic Blog Post - Grants in Web3 and how Ceramic are leading the way] - [8 Hours @ 60 $/ Hr]

I understand that I will be required to provide additional KYC information to the 3Box Labs to receive this grant: Yes


Hi @zoz, thank you for your proposal! We will be in touch with an update once we have completed our initial review (1-2 weeks).

One small favor, I noticed we didn’t receive an affirmation that you accept the grants program terms & conditions. Could you please affirm that you accept the terms?

Thanks @0x_Sam and apologies!

Yes I confirm to grants program terms & conditions

Hi @zoz, thank you for your grant proposal.

The team has reviewed your proposal and we are excited to award you a Ceramic Sculptors Grant :tada:

We will follow up shortly with more details via email.

Although there have been some hurdles, I’ve enjoying digging deeper into the ceramic codebase and hope this work is of use to the community


I have built out a mock front end(nothing special but a template) on this branch: GitHub - 0xzoz/wordsuip at front-end

An integration to add sui wallet connection is here in this branch: GitHub - 0xzoz/wordsuip at add-sui


I came into some issues when trying to start the ceramic integration. This is due to a couple of items:

  • Sui being so early in development and not being a fully operational network(also part of the value add about creating information around ceramic x sui)
  • mixmatch of documentation around ceramic products that are no longer being maintained and supported.

The following are the steps ive taken to address the issue:

Sui did not have a way to connect the wallet to the DID framework. I tried a few options but it looked like the path forward was to add it in a couple of packages in the js-ceramic. Shortly after I realized that it needs a reference to the Chain Agnostic standards that do not yet exist for the Sui network.

  • PR and conversation regarding CAIP’s
  • PR for adding Sui as a network to the blockchain-utils-linking and blockchain-utils-validation packages in js-ceramic

There were a couple of issues with these. The CAIP needed to be added to a different repo and that PR can be found here. Zach reached out regarding the js-ceramic PR letting me know that the PR was targeting a product that would no longer be supported.

This pr would add support in 3idconnect, which we are not longer accepting new chains right now, and is considered legacy support, sorry for the confusion (realizing now that the legacy guide was still in docs, going to remove it)

I have now started working on creating an additional PR to allow sui connection in the js-did/did-session. I am spending some time in the next few hours addressing tests failing in the package after adding the necessary changes. However, I see this as a blocker at this stage as it depends on the CAIP which is still in the ideation phase due to the infancy of the Sui network.

Update #2

  • Work on this has been a little slow.

  • PR was sent to js-did with the addition of sui as a AuthMethod and Verifier

    • There are issues verfifying the signature due to sui’s ability to create keys from 3 different formats(ed25519, secp256k1, secp256r1). This is currently blocking further development.
  • We are thinking of potentially pivoting to another example application to use as a template for subsequent articles.

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