Question regarding DataModels

I have a quick question regarding DataModels. Is there space limit? We’re working with VCs and are atm storing them inside an Record<string, VC> that is pushed to ceramic Network. An alternative would be storing each VC seperately and then adding streamID to that array, similarly to this datamodel: datamodels/models/verifiable-credentials at main · ceramicstudio/datamodels · GitHub. If not necessary, we’d prefer to stick to a more straightforward solution.

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there is no strict limit on the size of a document currently (though we may add one in the future).
But really large documents are likely going to cause pain points down the road. For one thing, the entire document will need to be loaded into memory at once, so if documents become large they could become a strain on memory and network resources. Also you won’t be able to do queries within documents very easily, there will be more sophisticated query functionality across documents than within documents (especially with ComposeDB, which is where all of our active development is currently happening around query functionality).