RariMe: MetaMask Snap for Web3 Identity

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RariMe: MetaMask Identity Snap

Rarimo protocol allows users to seamlessly port their identities across Web3. Rarimo can be thought of as a Chainlink for identities. One of Rarimo’s products is RariMe, an extension that allows users to store and manage their identity credentials inside of Metamask, generating privacy-protecting zero-knowledge proofs that can be submitted to dApps. So far, there have been over 6,000 RariMe downloads.

ComposeDB for Verifiable Credentials

RariMe initially used MetaMask local storage to hold credentials, but switched to Ceramic as it allows for data to be synced between multiple devices—both increasing the portability and improving the disaster recovery process for users. Multiple other solutions were considered including IPFS, Filecoin, and Arweave. In the end, Ceramic was selected because it is free for users and comes with a convenient high-level GraphQL API provided by ComposeDB.

RariMe snap uses ComposeDB as the primary encrypted storage of Verifiable Credentials. The keys for authorization and encryption are tied to the MetaMask mnemonic phrase. The safe getEntropy method is used to derive them deterministically without compromising the security of crypto accounts. It is enough for the user to have the MetaMask mnemonic to retrieve and decrypt all her RariMe credentials.

This solution has the following advantages:

  • Data is instantly synced between all devices that use the same MetaMask mnemonic
  • There is no need for manual backups because the data in Compose DB is durable
  • Straightforward UX, no extra steps or passwords required
  • Local storage capacity does not limit the maximum number of credentials. ComposeDB is scalable enough to handle millions of credentials

Try RariMe

Test out RariMe by downloading it and by generating a Rarimo Proof-of-Humanity credential, which you can store inside your RariMe and use to gain access to gated human-only spaces, including a VIP Rarimo discord channel.

  1. Download RariMe
  2. Prove your Humanity
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