Real-time data transfering / real-time data streaming

" Cross-application data sharing

On Ceramic, all data is published to the open web where it’s easy to share verifiable information between different organizations and applications in real-time without worrying about correctness or dealing with centralized servers and one-off API integrations.

  • Cross-application data
  • Cross-organizational data
  • Enterprise system of record (SOR) "

accoding to the above statement, can ceramic network be used for real-time data transfering between users for example their voice or for example real-time data streaming for IoT devices ? if so, how ???
is thare any platform that implement that using ceramic?

Yes Ceramic will synchronize data events for you in real-time. However depending on your latency needs it may fit some use cases better than others. Streaming voice for example is not well supported on Ceramic as the latency is too high and as well as the overhead of sending each event.

IoT data streams however would work well on Ceramic. Do you have something specific in mind? At a high level each IoT device would publish an event to a Ceramic node, then the Ceramic node would be responsible for propagating those events to other interested Ceramic nodes. Then an application can query an adjacent Ceramic node for the data. In the future applications will be able to directly subscribe to the stream of events.

I do not know of any frameworks that exist today to facilitate this use case.

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