Request to local ceramic daemon fails on 'Capibility Resource not allowed'


Specifically I am running the ceramic daemon in the gitcoin/dPopp repository
upon the first request from app > daemon the error:

[2022-06-20T17:00:07.350Z] ERROR: Error: Capability resource is not allowed

comes up.

What configuration should I be looking for, or what is missing.
I have a bit of a hard time tracking this done (totally newbie to ceramic)

thanks in advance!

Potentially good to point out: First time running, with no ‘pinned streams’

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Hey there, if this is a GitCoin specific issue you’re better off asking them. If I were to take a guess it might be with their CACAO implementation but that’s just a guess. If you can provide the code that’s causing the problem I might be able to troubleshoot further.

EDIT: Can you also confirm that the issue is still happening? We’ve published a few new iterations that I think the GitCoin team has started using to try & resolve some of these issues.