RequestClient in Next13

I’m trying to use RequestClient with Next.js 13. When I create a layout and page file under my app directory with this following code

In app/page.tsx

async function fetch() {
    const headersList = headers();
    const cookie = headersList.get('cookie');
    const client: RequestClient<ModelTypes> = new RequestClient({ aliases, ceramic: 'testnet-clay', cookie: cookie || '' })

    if (client.viewerID != null) {
        // If the viewerID is set, fetch its profile
        await client.prefetch('basicProfile', client.viewerID)

    return { props: { state: client.getState() } }


async function Test() {
    const result = await fetch();
    console.log('results', { result })

    return (<>empty for now</>)


export default Test

creating a ReactClient inside page.tsx gives this error

Error msg: You’re importing a component that needs useReducer. It only works in a Client Component but none of its parents are marked with “use client”

but isn’t RequestClient supposed to help with server side rendering?

Hi, the Self.ID SDK was created prior to the release of React’s client/server components changes and is not designed for it, so I’d suggest keeping your setup on the versions supported by the Self.ID SDK.

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