SelfID.authenticate with wallet connect provider

I am trying to authenticate users who create their Ceramic Profiles for the very first time with a wallet connect provider.

const authProvider = new EthereumAuthProvider(provider, address);
const selfId = await SelfID.authenticate({
      authProvider: authProvider,
      ceramic: ceramicNodeUrl,
      connectNetwork: ceramicNetwork,

It fails with this error

Uncaught (in promise) Error: ‘args.method’ must be a non-empty string.

This error occurs when I create an instance of selfID as shown above.
The same setup works smoothly with injected metamask wallet if I use window.ethereum instead of the provider, but then I can not connect with wallet connect. Any ideas?


Provider here is ethers.Provider and not ethers.Web3Provider.
I switched to ethers.Provider and it fixed the error. It would be nice to have this strongly typed, currently type is any for provider in new EthereumAuthProvider(provider, address)

@paul @zfer @artur can you please help this user out?