Sequence wallet with Ceramic Network

I’m trying to integrate Sequence Wallet for easy user onboarding on my platform -
But looks like it’s not detecting the wallet or something. I am using OrbisSDK for creating the DIDs.
Does Ceramic support only Metamask?
Please help.
Thanks :slight_smile:

cant comment on OrbisSDK entirely, should ask them as well, but did-session with Ceramic supports any Eth/EVM EOA wallet providers.

Looks like this might be a contract wallet? In that case we dont have support in pkh-ethereum yet, but is something someone could open a PR and add or we can add as a feature request

I asked the Orbis team, they said Ceramic doesn’t support smart wallets yet.

Could you please add it as a feature??

FYI @avi for the feature request for supporting smart contract wallets

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Thank you, @spencer!
Also, could you please let me know by when can this feature be supported, so I can plan my deadlines accordingly?

@dusk it’s not currently scheduled and isn’t a top priority for the team at the moment, so I can’t say when support might be added. Of course we’d be open to accepting a Pull Request if anyone in the community wants to try to add it!

Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

Where shall I ask if someone from the community would be willing to do so?

@dusk This channel in our discord is a good place to start: Discord

I’ve raised to both our community team as well as to our applied research team that is starting to think about solutions here. You can @corrado in that channel when you post and I’ll make sure our team sees as well.

thank you @Corrado :slight_smile: