Share streams between users

I’m going to experiment with ceramics + signing pdf documents
Starting with Ceramics, each user creates a stream with only one controller. I’m going to use composeDB to exchange streams between signers (users). I drew a flowchart:

Each user uses a contract schema with fields:
name (contract name)
initiator (who initiated)
signers[] (list of people who need to sign the document)
viewers[] (those who just watch the document)
сontractHash (link to document from ipfs (arweave / Bundlr network))
signedSigners[]? (list of signatories)
steps []? (required to track the progress of the document, list with numbers)
expiration date (document validity period)
metadata (additional descriptions of how the PDF file is password protected in the vault)

To request a contract, the user can do so using the Signers field.

What do think about that? Thanks

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That sounds reasonable to me, @IvanH!

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