Share your feedback on ComposeDB Developer Preview!

The core Ceramic team is extremely excited to finally share ComposeDB Developer Preview with you all. Check it out here and learn more about ComposeDB! :rocket:

Our goal with this early preview is to hear your candid feedback so we can make the improvements to meet your needs. We appreciate your honest feedback on the things you find useful as well as the things you’d like to see improving. We encourage you to share your open-ended feedback here (simply reply to this thread) or fill in the feedback form here.

Thank you! :hugs:


I’ve been working with on the HackFS and for EthOnline I was setting everything with glaze. Definetely ComposeDB is on another level. Almost plug and play. Now the focus just goes to learn GraphQL. Great work guys :fire:


This explainer on the future of other tools in the ecosystem is great!

It might be useful to also add a specific disambiguation between ComposeDB and Ceramic. Are they separate product lines? integrated? In the future, what should we expect - similar to IPFS and Filecoin (separate products developed separately)? Or will they always be tightly linked?


Thank you so much for the feedback so far, it’s extremely valuable!

@julianPerassi, happy to hear ComposeDB feels easier to use compared to glaze!

@dazuck These are really great points! I agree that these points would be super valuable to add to the explainer. We will add this to the next iteration of the doc!