Should I use ComposeDB for Ceramic migrating from old libraries as glazed?

Hello, I used Ceramic before ComposeDB was completely developed and working.

I just wanted to ask if I should migrate to use ComposeDB and understand the way it works for Ceramic, instead of using previous way (glazed, DID-Session module, etc), in order to know if you are going to keep working focusing on ComposeDB and previous way/documentation will be likely obsolete in the future (and uninstall previous libraries from my project to install composeDB)

Thanks a lot.


I just saw that it is not stable yet for production as I can see in this link.

Thanks a lot.


Hey Eloy,

Thanks for your question. After ComposeDB launches to production at ETHDenver (Mar 1), we will not be actively maintaining IDX and the older stack: IDX + “old Data Models” + Glaze + Self.ID SDK

The new stack on Ceramic is:
ComposeDB + Composites (and new Data Models) + DID:PKH method + DID-Session library

We are also planning to revamp 3ID (a multi account DID) to be more compatible with DID-Session and the new stack.

While it isn’t in production yet, ComposeDB has been in developer preview since early September and is becoming increasingly stable. I would highly recommend experimenting with and building on it soon! Very powerful graph DB

Sounds great @avi! Thanks a lot for your reply!

Another minor question. Is it possible to use composedb with testnet (clay testnet)? I think so, right?

I will give it a try there if it is possible. Thanks a lot!


Yep! You can run locally, or it publicly on testnet or prod. ComposeDB uses Ceramic nodes.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it on AWS Configuring a Ceramic Node Using AWS