Summary: Ecosystem Developers Call | 2024-05-16

Did you miss the latest Ceramic Ecosystem Developers Call? Check out the meeting notes below to stay up-to-date on what the teams have been working on over the past two weeks. Don’t forget to join our next call on May 30th.



  • Important announcements
  • Ecosystem updates
  • Protocol updates
  • Upcoming events


Important Annoucements

  • Joel from Ceramic is back! :slight_smile:
  • Ceramic core team is full spead ahead on performance and stability. More concrete beta release is scheduled for next week.

Ecosystem Updates


  • Focused on the shared instance concept as a way to onboard developers on OrbisDB and Ceramic. Starting to test a big shared instance that anyone can use using their wallets and interact with OrbisDB - use plugins, create data using contexts.
  • Addressing the feedback on OrbisDB developer experience. Working on improvements on UI with respective plugins, guiding developers through the dev journey better.
  • Continued work on OrbisDB Studio not shared publicly just yet, being shared internally for feedback and testing.
  • Thinking of some new plugins for the Index team that should help them to onboard some new users through Ceramic. More updates on that in the upcoming days.
  • Looking into testing Recon for OrbisDB during the next two weeks.
  • Talking with several teams on which plugins need to be built. The team is also looking into ways to scale who can build the plugins. It should be faster and easier when official docs are available.

Index Network

  • Just launched in private beta! :fire:
  • Started experimenting with Recon, just updated to the latest version.
  • Using OrbisDB as a nature of index and will be integrating with other protocols like Verax. Will be building a plugin for subgraphs which will make it easier to integrate on-chain data on ComposeDB.
  • OrbisDB will be used to index Farcaster channels.
  • Polishing the SDKs - Python SDK, JavaScript SDK, LangChain integration. They will be shared with developers soon.


  • Soon, will receive some hardware to move some of the instances from DigitalOcean to run them locally instead to offset some storage costs.
  • Planning updates to SimpleDeploy - making them easier to use and getting devs up and running faster.


  • Got all the data required for Arbitrum and Polygon credentials. Now refactoring the credential models and focusing on reissuing data credentials using Recon. Next week will have 30 million credentials to shoot on Ceramic.
  • Docs are pretty much ready, just need to add the how-to guides.
  • Points system built by Oamo is ready to go. Will be issued alongside the credentials.
  • Talking with OrbisDB regarding the plugin that would make the points and credentials easy to interact with via OrbisDB.

3Box Labs

  • Points library and example app is out with written and video tutorials.

Protocol Updates

  • Heads down on performance and stability for rust-ceramic.
  • Delivered an updated Data Feed API. It allows subscribing to all creation events and updates to records stored in model instance documents. This update provides the ability to resume the subscription, ensuring that events are processed no more than once. This update completes the production readiness for the Data Feed API.
  • Rust-ceramic recently moved to the last performance testing phase, adding end-to-end testing (including rust-ceramic, js-ceramic, and CAS). The team has been working on a number of projects that improved how js-ceramic interacts with CAS, resulting in significant performance improvements.
  • Rust-ceramic is planned to be released in beta next week (likely Monday, the 20th of May).
  • Kicking off the design work expanding Ceramic’s functionality from documents and models and moving in the direction of streaming systems—being able to publish immutable events with arbitrary separator recon keys. The Ceramic team is looking for use cases and teams who are interested in using Ceramic beyond models and model instance documents.
  • Private data on Ceramic is not really on the near-term roadmap, but the team has started looking into the implementation of access control.

Upcoming Events

  • GenAI (end of May). The Ceramic + Index team will be hosting a private dinner for ecosystem partners.
  • The Ceramic team is planning for EthCC and will share updates on that in the next week or so.
  • Berlin Blockchain Week - Joel from Ceramic will be there, speaking at DappCon (May 21-23), DeSci Berlin (May 23-24), and AIxHope (May 24).
  • The Index team will be at NYC Tech Week (June 3-9) as well as EthCC in Brussels in July.