Support Computing by Supporting Running bytecode for Stream update

Just curious how this could be done. Like “Cloud function” for stream updates.

After all, running custom code in an verifiable way, is just logging the before and after state of the computation, as well as the state transition function, so that the computation could be re-run or verified using zk.

How could we support this by define custom wasm bytecode as streams associated with another stream and trigger the computation by its controller?

@spencer @jthor would love to pick your big brain ser

Once IPVM is more ready it would be really cool to see functions that take a stream as an input and write to another stream as output. Open data pipelines could be built in this way.

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wow… IPVM is fantastic?!

Although this is doable using other approach right?
– " take a stream as an input and write to another stream as output"

Yes most definitely. There is no need to use IPVM at all if we want to use one (or more) streams as input and anther stream as output of a computation.

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guess it’s totally fine to have something working and swap the core with something more suitable later like EVM->EWASM

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How about GitHub - bacalhau-project/bacalhau: Compute over Data framework for public, transparent, and optionally verifiable computation using IPFS & Filecoin ser?