TypeError: ceramic.createStreamFromGenesis is not a function

Trying ot follown the documentation:

There is a part where this happens:
const ceramicClient = new ComposeClient({ ceramic: ceramicUrl, definition });
const sourceComposite = await readEncodedComposite(ceramicClient, ‘SimpleProfile-composite.json’)

const newComposite = sourceComposite.setAliases({
kjzl6hvfrbw6c5ajfmes842lu09vjxu5956e3xq0xk12gp2jcf9s90cagt2god9: ‘SimpleProfile’,
kjzl6hvfrbw6c99mdfpjx1z3fue7sesgua6gsl1vu97229lq56344zu9bawnf96: ‘Post’,

await writeEncodedComposite(newComposite, ‘new-composite.json’)

After executing the following there are erors within the library. It cant find a function. Bug in the lib?

Hi, the Ceramic and ComposeDB client are different, please make sure to use the proper imports/instances when calling the APIs.

Looks like you’re providing a ComposeDB client to the readEncodedComposite() function here, not a Ceramic client.