Unable Connect Metamsk

Sorry to interrupt, I’m new to programming, I tried to read the documentation and entered all the code as documented, but when I open index.html, still no wallet connection option comes out, there is no error message during running the code (if warn is not included), is there any solution please
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If you can, any helpful information would be appreciated

Please include your code and the error in text and not in images.

Hey @Polkdefi this is just a shot in the dark, but I happened to hit this exact thing yesterday trying to get that demo to work. If you open the developer console in your browser, you might see that the app is getting a CORS error trying to download bundle.js. For me this was because I just opened index.html in my browser from the filesystem rather than hosting the path behind a webserver.

The solution for me was to go to the root of the repo where index.html lives, and run

python3 -m http.server

Which allowed me to go to localhost:8000 in my browser and see the “Connect Wallet” button.