Unable to update profile through self.id

I am unable to set my profile image or banner through self.id. Here is my account:

And my controlling address is:
I am able to configure my name and bio, however.

Please LMK if there is something I need to fix with my account so that I can update my profile pictures.



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Hi @carter, can you please post a snippet of your code and the exact error? Without that, it will be difficult to figure out what’s happening.

Hey @mohsin! There is no code used on this- I’m going directly through the self.id website.

Hey @mohsin - maybe a similar/related issue on my Self.ID profile does not render the profile image or banner.

Oh, sorry to hear that, @carter and @jayfrank.eth.

Hey @zfer, was there some update to the self.id site recently?

I’m still unable to save changes @zfer

thanks, no updates yet, we are currently looking into self.id issues

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