Unleashing Python's Data Power in the Ceramic Ecosystem: Full Python Client?

As a part of our recent grant, we built a stripped-down version of a Python client. Quite a few people expressed their interest in using this and/or seeing a more complete version live and public to reduce friction for Python devs. We want to formalise this a bit to confirm our intuitions. Show your interest and help us shape the Python client by filling out a simple form!

Benefits to Ceramic Ecosystem

  • Reduce a major point of friction for Python developers and data experts to the Ceramic community
  • Enhances the diversity of tools and libraries available
  • Expedites the development of data-driven applications on the Ceramic network

Benefits to Individual Developers

  • Leverages Python’s rich libraries and functionality for data processing, analysis, and visualization
  • Streamlines the development process for those already proficient in Python
  • Facilitates seamless integration with existing Python-based applications
  • Encourages adoption of Ceramic by making it more accessible to developers with diverse skill sets

Features of current implementation

  • Creating, querying, and updating TileDocument streams
  • Signing and encoding requests

Features Lacking

  • Full support for additional endpoints, such as multiquery and pins API
  • Support for other stream types, such as CAIP-10 Link
  • DID creation
  • Data schema support for data structure

Please fill out this form to share your thoughts on the features you’d like to see and express your interest in this exciting endeavor.

Together, hopefully we can unlock the full potential of Python in growing the Ceramic ecosystem.


I love this @Oaksprout. Know a couple of teams that have been building with Python & Ceramic, so this will be music to their ears.


This is awesome Oak, I will blast it in Discord too


Cannot wait to see postmint’s Campaign Specific Points (CSPs) on Ceramic using the Python client :rocket: CSPs are going to unlock a ton of utility (postmint airdrops, NFT rewards, non-monetary campaign, dynamic NFTs, ect.).

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Great to hear it Phil!