Unsupported CACAO signature type with caip122

Seeing this when creating a Tile: “Error: HTTP request to ‘…/api/v0/streams’ failed with status ‘Internal Server Error’: {“error”:“Unsupported CACAO signature type”}”

$ cat node_modules/@glazed/did-session/package.json | grep version
“version”: “0.1.1”,
$ cat node_modules/ceramic-cacao/package.json | grep version
“version”: “1.1.1”,

Cacao object:
h: { t: ‘caip122’ },
p: {
aud: ‘did:key:z6MkfVTdR7BACyFHcNGifRcUCFPATvVW47xF8qKq4UrTrenJ’,
exp: ‘2022-08-06T13:35:33.300Z’,
iat: ‘2022-08-05T13:35:33.300Z’,
iss: ‘did:pkh:eip155:1:0x661f52D8D111ECcF62872bDDb2E70C12d8b4b860’,
nonce: ‘PukHbqkrQg’,
domain: ‘krebit.id’,
version: ‘1’,
resources: [ ‘ceramic://*’ ],
statement: ‘Give this application access to some of your data on Ceramic’
s: {
s: ‘0xb5321b1cb5f0f261feb1b2b7ff0a9038e9be2f5d131aa8a6263ba81dcb9f536740b9653543e90118a27814276dbfefa4a187a01001aa0944da0c77b250d28e101b’,
t: ‘eip191’

Hey @alerios, I’m assuming your issue was resolved here?

Sorry, initially I thought the issue was resolved, but it wasn’t, I’m still seeing the issue.

Oh ok, I see. Your Discord post has been flagged by our team and we’ll follow up soon.

@alerios , could you try using did-session, instead of @glazez/did-session? I think this could help.

Hi, I tried with did-session, and I’m still getting, even when doing a simple dataStore.get(‘basicProfile’):

Error: HTTP request to ‘https://ceramic-clay…/api/v0/commits’ failed with status ‘’: {“error”:“Unsupported CACAO signature type”}

For reference, this is how I’m establishing the session:

  const authProvider = new EthereumAuthProvider(ethProvider, address);

  const session = await DIDSession.authorize(authProvider, {
    resources: [`ceramic://*`],
    domain: DOMAIN
  const did = session.did;
  await client.setDID(did);

  // Creating model and store
  const model = new DataModel({ ceramic: client, aliases: datamodel });
  const store = new DIDDataStore({ ceramic: client, model });

  if (store.authenticated) {
    console.log('DID session authenticated: ', did.id);
    console.log('did: ', store.id);
    return store;

This outputs:
DID session authenticated: did:key:z6Mkv1G86TcFcFc4w92HaFxB9Pvzx1gC7PmFKbfcS5GtaWte
did: did:pkh:eip155:4:0xd9d96fb150136798861363d8ad9fe4033cfc32b3

Can you do cat node_modules/@glazed/did-session/node_modules/ceramic-cacao/package.json | grep version and show me the output?