Visual Model Manager

Will there be an official Visual Composites/Model manager (or planned)? Or should we build one for hackathon?

Think of it as phpMyAdmin for Ceramic or any other Data Model for self-certifying data …

@spencer @jthor Would love to pick your brains ser

datamodels/models at main · ceramicstudio/datamodels · GitHub We could also add support for model/composite management & discovery there

maybe directly integrated into

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Would love to see a Data Model explorer / catalog for ComposeDB!


Will HistorySync provide a way to fetch all models ever existed? ComposeDB Beta Update: Model Versioning Release

Is there any api to list out all existing compose db models from network? - #6 by 0xEE3CA4dd4CeB341691 This thread seems to imply that currently it is not possible

Yes it will. You can do this by indexing the metamodel: kh4q0ozorrgaq2mezktnrmdwleo1d

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I assume this is the model for composites? How about old tiledocument model? Will they be deprecated?

By indexing you mean indexing directly from Libp2p broadcast? Or is there an API from ceramic node I could use?

The command line seems to rely on a private API?

Model Catalog | ComposeDB on Ceramic or is there anyway to index all the models ?

How to index the metamodel: kh4q0ozorrgaq2mezktnrmdwleo1d? I assume we could listen to all libp2p broadcast but that wouldn’t catch old models. How to “index” and trigger historySync?

ComposeDB does indexing in two ways. It listens to the libp2p pubsub topic for all updates that happen while the node is online. It also now supports Historical Data Sync where it will use the Ethereum Smart Contract where Ceramic events are anchored to discover and sync historical data for a data Model.

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We just won a Ceramic bounty at ETHDenver buidlbox ! Thanks for the recognition!


Give us a star! :laughing: GitHub - us3r-network/userscan: A explorer for the Ceramic network

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you did a great job. thanks

@spencer is there any chance you could share how you are achieving this? I couldn’t find the implementation details in the composedb repo

@baptiste code is here: