What minimal Linux Distro is best for ComposeDb? or any other language requirement

Lovely hello to this great space!

Guy/Gals me noob here. Though advanced computer user from almost 20+ years. Language background of Turbo, Basic, AUTOHOTKEY and AUTOIT.
I used Windows Os most of the time. Though also know basics about Linux, had dual Os in my device oftentimes.

I want to be a developer in this great space. But can not decide which minimal Distro should I install.
Actually the laptop I currently have has got only 64GB of ssd drive. Can attach 1 TB USB always but u know a laptop with external usb hard disk is always difficult to carry.

I just want to use my laptop to create app on ComposeDB by learning it. Rest my kids can always use net browser for their activities.

N please also tell do i need to learn some other language before learning programming on composeDB

please help n please be patient wd me.
Noob in this big space experienced in a lot of other things.

Any linux distro should be fine for using ComposeDB, so the choice is really up to you on what distro you prefer!

Personally I like Ubuntu because I find it a bit easier to set up and use than some of the other distros, but again it’s really personal preference, there are no technical considerations that would affect Ceramic or ComposeDB.

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Downloading Porteus, Knoppix . thnx for the help