Where are streams stored?

Hi! Can someone tell me exactly how Ceramic handles storage of the streams. My understanding so far is that they are stored based on some IPLD in IPFS. Is this accurate? Also if Ceramic is handling all the stream processing, then doesn’t this mean it’s centralized?

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Hi @dev01,
Sorry the delayed response!
The persistence model for Ceramic is very similar to that of IPFS. Each Ceramic node determines which Streams it wants to pin data for, and maintains that data locally. But any node on the network can sync the data for any Stream, and then pin it locally, becoming a new provider of that Stream. In that way its possible to have multiple redundant copies of the data for any given Stream, and any node can sync Stream data from any other node that has the data for that stream, in a fully peer-to-peer and decentralized manor.

I hope that helps clarify things, please let us know if there are any follow-up questions!