Will running a node with ceramic daemon automatically sync with the network?

Hi, I’m new to Ceramic so basic question here: will running a local node with ceramic daemon automatically sync with the rest of the network (be it a testnet or mainnet)? Is there anything that needs to be done so my streams are made available from other nodes?

Additionally, is there any public node IP that I can connect to from a web app? How do I access the network from my app if I’m not able to expose my local node to the web?

As long as your IPFS swarm port (4001 by default) is publicly accessible then the data you create on your node should be available other nodes on the network. Any node that loads a stream created by your node by its StreamID, or that indexes the ComposeDB Data Model you are using to publish data, will sync that data to their node and have the option to pin it and start serving that data to the rest of the network itself.

When you run a Ceramic node, the http api port should be exposed publicly so that your web app can connect. By default the Ceramic http server listens on port 7007

Thank you very much! It’s synchronizing properly indeed :ok_hand: