Error with web3 social tutorial tutorial

Hi all,

Just attempted to use your social tutorial.

Getting the following error when updating profile:

Also it was unclear that the application would just error out on the home page if I didn’t update my profile first.


Also generally getting a `property ‘basicProfile’ does not exist on type ‘{}’. error across the application

I had to do a bunch of work myself to get the composites running on ceramic, but demo runs now.

Hey @rubinovitz. Thank you for pointing this out! I will check what’s happening there.

Glad you got this up and running. Was there anything else you had to manually fix? Just want to make sure we don’t leave any other loose ends

JB, just wanted to say thank you for the feedback - we’ll dig in. I actually met you way back when during the MLH hackathon days, excited that you’re building on us.

@rubinovitz if you could let us know what you changed to get it working, that would help us fix it for future people. Even better would be if you wanted to open a pull request with the fixes!

Hi all!

Thanks for all the support and hi again Avi!

The problem we had was around getting composites loaded into our local ceramic environment. The generated composites shipped with the project didn’t work for us, and we wanted a sustainable way to add new ones.

I think a great public good if you’re going to keep composites as they are would be to make the run.mjs stable by fixing concurrency issues, the way it looks up when ceramic is running, and doing something like a dependency graph to make sure models with relationships get the correct stream id. I assume you’re aware of most of this as there are todos in the file.

Run.mjs also didn’t properly handle termination of processes so when trying to get it to work we’d also have to manually remove .lock files etc in between runs.

The current hack we’re doing is we wrote a runbook for the 8 step process to ship new models manually using the CLI. This is a pain and prone to error, but seemed to be the best option for now.

Longer term we’d probably use a more functional version of run.mjs, but we are hestitant to spend a lot of time on one given this is a beta and we do not know if things will change.

Edit: I also could be wrong about how exactly this should work given I was rushing to get it working, but tldr I couldn’t find a way to get the local ceramic environment to use the data models without doing a bunch of manual work myself

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FYI @paul @dbcfd @mzk @jpham

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