Get started with ComposeDB on Ceramic by using an example web3 social application

Hello @everyone !

The core Ceramic team is committed to make it as easy as possible for developers to build applications powered by ComposeDB on Ceramic. Today we are excited to share another improvement which we hope will make it much easier to kickstart the development of new applications - an example web3 social application, powered by ComposeDB on Ceramic and integrated into the Wheel CLI tool. :rocket: Check out the detailed tutorial on you can set things up and interact with the example application. :star:

With this update, developers can spin up an example application while they configure their working environment using the Wheel. This application is a simple implementation of the web3 social app which comes with the following features:

  • Sign-in using DID Key or your Metamask wallet.
  • User profile creation.
  • Post creation.
  • The ability to follow other users.
  • Accessing to the posts of those you follow on an ‘Explore’ page

The best part - you can see everything that is under the hood - all of the data models used to create this application, the implementation of user authentication methods as well as all of the queries used to read and display the data in the UI. :rocket:

This application can be used to quickly test the features of ComposeDB on Ceramic or you can also use this application as a basis of your new unique project. We can’t wait to see what you can build! :star_struck: