Support Private Data

was considering of using lit protocol for this. But is there any protocol update in this direction planned?

I am also curious about this.

LIT protocol is very convenient for doing this. However, everyone stores encrypted data differently, and that damages interoperability. Maybe we should develop a common model named “Encrypted” that conforms to certain encryption standards.

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GitHub - fission-codes/webnative: An SDK for building apps with decentralized identity and storage. what webnative did is to have 2 “branch”, one for public data (like current ceramic stream), and the other for private data

having built-in support for encrypted data on Ceramic is definitely something we’re interested in having at some point, but it’s not high on our roadmap at the moment. For now you can always encrypt data yourself before putting it into Ceramic, potentially using something like Lit Protocol to handle the key management as you mention.

CC @avi to track the feature request.

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Cryptree Algorithm used by WNFS and Peergo

referring Data deletion and privacy on Ceramic

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